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Archive for February 5th, 2013

Posted by Martin February 05, 2013

A correction? Looks like not.

Yesterday I wrote about a possibility of market turning into correction or pullback. I was aware however about new money flowing into the market, although in slowing pace than a month ago (see the yesterday’s chart and Chaikin Money Flow; any value above 0.10 is considered as heavy buying, although it is slowing down). Today, it was proven that investors were jumping in buying the dip. The market stopped for a moment to take a rest. As I mentioned yesterday, the sell off could only be a bump on the upward road. The market can only rest a bit in a consolidation pattern before it shoots higher. The earnings season was very strong and it is what keeps investors buying stocks. In my opinion, I would be cautious, because it is now difficult to see what the market wants to do. So I am sitting aside and saving money for upcoming opportunities. I will be buying stocks at these levels only if they present themselves as a great buy – lower than fair value, great story, pullback, etc.