We closed our books last week revealing that we made over $2,600 in January (after quite slow start) which allowed us to invest some of the proceeds into good dividend growth stocks.

We use 50% of the options trading proceeds to buy DGI stocks according to our watch list. Whenever a stock is marked as a buy and we have generated enough income, we buy shares equivalent to $600 dollar investment. If we have more than $600, for example $1,300 dollars, we then buy (2) different companies (for example ATT and STX as we did in January 2019). If in our watch list, there are multiple shares marked as “buy” we buy the one with the highest dividend yield. Once a stock is purchased, it is marked with “X” so we do not buy it again once we make new money trading options. Then we continue buying all stocks in the list marked as “buy”. After all marked stocks are purchased, all “X”es are removed and we start from the beginning.

Today, AT&t met all our criteria to be purchased. So we bought 20 shares (added to our existing position):

BTO 20 T shares @ 29.86 debit


4 responses to “ADDING AT&T (T) SHARES”

  1. Iris says:

    I bought T @$31. I am worried about the downtrend of T. How do you make money from options?

    • Martin says:

      If there is a downtrend in T, it will most likely not be for a very long time. The long term trend of T is moderately up; true, it completely fails to beat the market, but with dividends, it is a good income stock which at least preserves capital long term, so if you plan holding T for only a couple of years then it is not a stock for you.

      I make money selling options and collecting premiums doing so, you can follow my Facebook page to see the trades.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. DivHut says:

    Like the T pick up. It’s one of my potential buys for the month of Feb. Also looking at ABBV and MO. Many great high yielding names to choose from these days.

    • Martin says:

      I agree that many great names came out recently and still are cheap pick. ABBV got out of my buy list due to expected lowered earnings as Humira is being phased out (in 2020 ?). Otherwise I would be buying that stock. But now I am waiting to see how that goes before I start buying it again.

      AT&T is no brainer. Many of its financial metrics improved since I have looked at it last time, so I am gladly buying.

      Thanks for stopping and commenting.

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