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Posted by Martin January 19, 2018

Weekly Results – Jan 19, 2018

Posted by Martin January 19, 2018

Consumers are confident and spening; expect the market going higher

Posted by Martin January 14, 2018

Weekly Results – Jan 12, 2018

Posted by Martin January 06, 2018

December 2017 and Year End Investing / Trading Results

December 2017 ended and the whole year with it. It is time once again to review our goals and determine what we accomplished and what we have left untouched. Our 2017 year was a prosperous but challenging year. On personal note my family and I experienced a lot of changes and also difficulties but I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 31, 2017

Traders – Millions by the Minute

I like movies and documentaries about trading and investing. Here are some of my favorites (Episodes One & Two).     If you want to see more videos, visit our video archive.

Posted by Martin December 29, 2017

2017 Trading year is over. Long live the King!

Posted by Martin December 27, 2017

My Goal for 2018

My goal is simple – continue trading mechanically, like a robot, trade more and small trades. Perfect my patience and discipline trading according to rules and strive to stay away from trades which would cause over trading or imply discomfort as sometimes I tend to jump the gun.   My IRA account is well on Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 27, 2017

Robots entering Wall Street

Posted by Martin December 26, 2017

Our strategy for 2018 and probably beyond

It is time to review our trading strategy and update it if it no longer fits all our rules and comfort zone of our trading. Although this strategy will still be based on the basic frame posted earlier on this blog, it is time to tweak it a bit and – update it. Another reason Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 26, 2017

How to share our trades for our followers to follow?

We would like to post our trades for all to see and eventually follow. We believe that it can be helpful mainly to novice traders to see the trades, follow them, and mirror them. The best way to learn trading options is by doing it. Before you start mirroring our trades, please make sure you Continue reading →