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Posted by Martin November 15, 2017

Transportation index (DJT) points to economy slowdown, so they say…

Transportation index (DJT) is usually considered a good indicator of the US economy.   An old say goes – “manufacturing makes, transportation takes”. Transportation is considered a leading indicator and usually slows down first before we notice in any major indexes or economic reports.   Some investors use DJT for economic forecasting.   There is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 15, 2017

Those were the days

There are days when you don’t want to have too many trades on. Today is one of those days. S&P500 was down 20 points in the morning (it recovered all morning losses already, or almost all).   Selling like this have negative impact on the comfort of your trading. So if you have too many Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 11, 2017

IRA positions November 10th 2017

                      Closed positions          

Posted by Martin November 07, 2017

Capital One (COF) roll down and out

My original trade in COF is slowly turning against me. Today, COF dropped down by 2.36% and there is a higher chance that the selling may continue.   Although, the trade has 70% POP and 2 days to expiration I decided to move the trade out and down.   I am trying to spread my Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 07, 2017

Sold Domino Pizza (DPZ) vertical (IRA)

Entering a new trade for tomorrow morning using DPZ:   STO 1 DPZ Dec15 150.00 put BTO 1 DPZ Dec15 120.00 put @ 0.50 credit limit     The trade executed this morning for 0.50 credit.  

Posted by Martin November 04, 2017

October 2017 results

October is over and it brought a few significant changes to my accounts. When I changed my daily job, I begun a 401k transfer to a self directed IRA account. At first I transferred my old 401k to TD Ameritrade. I also asked TD to adjust my fee schedule to get better assignment fees and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 12, 2017

Is it time to be cautious?

If you follow my blog and read my outlooks for the market, you know that since December 2016 I have been bullish and pretty much criticized long term investors selling their positions in their portfolios based on valuations.   Here is a pictue from Hedgeye I posted to support my bullish view:     And Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 03, 2017

September 2017 results

Another month is over and time to review my accounts, trading and investing results for September 2017. September was volatile month mainly to my trading yet I was able to end higher than in August in all accounts. Again, this month, I was not focusing on income but rather on bringing my accounts to the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 18, 2017

Strangle 2 STX Sep22 34.00/30.00

UPDATE: September 18, 2017 Today, the trade closed. Both legs got purchased back for 0.05 debit.   ORIGINAL TRADE Another strangle opened today:   STO 2 STX Sep22 34.00 call STO 2 STX Sep22 30.00 put @ 0.44 credit limit   STX @ 32.19 IV @ 34.92% EM @ 1.87 DTE @ 15   Open Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 08, 2017

Strangle: 3 X Sep22 29.00/24.50

STO 3 X Sep22 29.00 call STO 3 X Sep22 24.50 put @ 0.34 credit limit   X @ 26.74 IV @ 42.36% EM @ 1.8 DTE @ 14 Margin @ 960.30     Trade opened @ 0.36 credit.   Open trade Premium Trade Status 09/08/2017 $108.00 OPEN Acc# 8008