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Posted by Martin December 31, 2011



The old year 2011 is coming to its end and it is a time to review the old year and make a resolution for the new year 2012. Reviewing the old year I must admit that it was a very successful year. I finally was able to get closer to my dream – trading for Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 15, 2011

Warren Buffett: wealthiest should pay higher taxes – road to socialism

Recently Warren Buffett told news media that he would agree on rich people paying higher taxes. I respect Warren Buffett but I am surprised that he would say that. Well, I am assuming the wealthy people pay taxes the same (or similar way) as every other American. For a regular Joe, it may sound like Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 17, 2011

Can you help improve this blog?

I wish to provide my visitors a look at my process of investing, how I started and how I did it. I wish that the new investors can see how I developed my strategy and thinking about investing and trading. I am determined to succeed. I also remember myself looking for information and education how Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee December 08, 2010

Actuant Corporation (ATU) added to portfolio

Actuant Corporation (ATU) added to portfolio

A few days ago Actuant Corporation shot up on heavy volume when a new trend was identified. This stock may be a new winner. I bought 37 shares to my trading portfolio: Bought 37 ATU @ 26.97

Posted by MartZee May 01, 2009

Credit Card companies to lose profit

This web site is not about [tag]personal finances[/tag], for which I would recommend reading A Personal Finance Guide for example. However yesterday I have seen a short sketch on [tag]Fox TV[/tag] regarding the House of Representatives passing a bill to protect [tag]consumers[/tag] against fine prints. It was interesting presentation of [tag]credit card companies[/tag]’ arrogance. I Continue reading →