Posted by Barney Whistance December 13, 2016

Is Snapchat’s IPO Worth It?

Is Snapchat’s IPO Worth It?

  Snapchat’s been making waves in the tech world starting with the famous refusal to sell the app to Facebook for an astounding three Billion USD. The gamble by Snapchat’s mastermind Evan Spiegel paid off handsomely when its valuation soared, to the surprise of many analysts. The company’s IPO is planned to be launched in Continue reading →

Posted by Guest December 08, 2016

Understanding The Basics Of Trading Psychology

If you’re interested in getting involved in trading, there are quite a few things to think about. You’ll need to find a good broker, find a strategy, think about risk management, and more. However, one thing that seems to go unconsidered by many beginners is psychology. The truth is that psychology plays a big role Continue reading →

Posted by Guest November 13, 2016

Here’s Why Most Traders Lose Money

It is a well known fact that most investors lose money in the stock market. The numbers vary from 80% to 95%, but the fact remains. There are many reasons why people lose in the stock market. But the main reason is related to human emotions.    · Role of Psychology in trading   Dr. Van Continue reading →

Tips On Managing Your Portfolio

We previously talked about how to get higher returns by investing in a peer to peer platform (P2P) instead of a traditional saving product offered by the banks.   However P2P is now a very mature industry. Gone are the days when there were just two to three peer-to-peer lending platforms. What started from Zopa Continue reading →

Posted by Barney Whistance May 12, 2016

Investing for higher returns in peer to peer lending platforms

People who are new to investing often prefer to invest in one of the savings products offered by banks, but investing in a bank is never a profitable exercise. Interest rates are at an all-time low – plus banks never have been one to share their “fortunes”. These days anybody who is into investing must Continue reading →

Posted by Guest October 24, 2015

Dividend Investing For Wealth Preservation

This is a guest post from Ben Reynolds of Sure Dividend. Sure Dividend is dedicated to helping individual investors find high quality dividend growth stocks suitable for long-term holding.   If you read the Strategy page on Hello Suckers Investments, you will Martin’s thoughts on dividend investing (emphasis added): Dividend investing is a great strategy, Continue reading →

Posted by Guest January 13, 2015

Will Eurofins’ Acquisition of SF Analytical Boost Returns?

Analytical testing is currently an attractive area for investors around the globe upon which to focus their attentions. The fact remains, however, that a great deal of this investment capital needs to be utilized so that higher returns for investors will result. A major way in which testing firms are striving to put this $1.3 Continue reading →

Posted by Guest December 29, 2014

Experts, Publications Or Algorithms? Who To Turn To For Stock Picks

Everybody wants to have only the best stocks in their portfolio. This need leads us to the question – Who to turn to for stock picks? While you can very well pick your own stocks, reaching out to experts, publications or using algorithms to arrive at the perfect stock is a more sure shot approach. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 10, 2014

To Catch A Trader

Running a business in the Wall Street is a great adventure. It can also attract people who will play dirty games. It will happen. Manipulation and cheating will be part of the business environment. Greed will push those people and they will go for it. You as a participant must adapt to it and be Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 23, 2014

Retail Trader nets $50 million on $196 million trading the SPX and how she did it.

Karen the Supertrader re-joins Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista in 2014 for a tastytrade exclusive follow-up interview! Karen the Supertrader breaks down the strategies she used in 2013 to earn $50 million on $196 million.