Last week trading wasn’t as bad as it looked

Last week trading in my account wasn’t as bad as it originally looked like. Today, I reviewed my account, calculated all numbers and waited for my “Personal Capital” numbers to come in. I let Personal Capital to watch all my accounts. It tracks all my trades and balances. Although my investing or trading style doesn’t Continue reading →

Disaster continued, but navigated my account well thru the storm

Last week loses mounted in my account. At first I started panicking, but then took a deep breath and told to myself: “Hey, calm down, you have a plan!” Sharply falling stocks are an arch enemy of a put selling strategy. If stocks decline smoothly, slowly and not too fast, you can navigate the trades Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 06, 2014

Today it was a massacre in my account

Today it was a massacre in my account

Wow, today’s broad sell off was a blood bath in my account. Everything was losing – dividend stocks as well as options trades. My account lost a whopping 5% today. Mostly thanks to one stock – TASR. Although I was able roll TASR down and collect premium by doing so, I am dangerously running low Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 02, 2014

TASER (TASR) sell off put the stock to oversold territory

TASER (TASR) sell off put the stock to oversold territory

The maker of electronic control devices (ECD) Taser Int. (TASR) has been punished by investors these last two days. If you are invested in this company, should you be worried, dump your stocks and run away or is this a great opportunity to add more shares? Taser existed as a company even when I was Continue reading →

Last week trading – is the outlook for April still bright?

A week ago trading was about trend continuation. At least I saw it that way and I could see markets breaking thru marking this bull trend as intact. The entire last week markets were confirming my assumptions and all my accounts were growing. It was a filthy grow and I made quite nice cash. Well, Continue reading →

March 2014 review

Markets regained the upward trend momentum as it confirmed its trend continuation last Friday. What does that mean? It is simple, the trend will continue and it will make sense to be buying any dips should they occur. In this post I would like to review my view of the market in the past and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 16, 2014

Is there a room for more tapering?

Is there a room for more tapering?

The Federal Reserve gets a lot of credit for what passes as an economic recovery. Whether it deserves that credit, going forward the Fed has very little power to influence events because it is essentially out of ammo to further ease. The economy, meanwhile, is still lackluster, despite the central bank’s unjustified optimism. The Fed Continue reading →

Options expiration tomorrow is a payday

Options expiration tomorrow is a payday

Although you receive your premium right at the moment when you sell your put option, you can actually claim that money at expiration of that contract. You have the cash, but it is blocked by the current market value of that contract. That’s why you want your option contract expire as quickly as possible. When Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 18, 2014

Janet Yellen wants more inflation, although she already has it

  Janet Yellen told us at her first testimony in front of the lawmakers that she would likely continue in tapering as long as at least two criteria will be met. The first one was employment rate dropping below 6.5% and the second was inflation rate. As per a few of her mentions the FED Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 17, 2014

Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!

  At first, I wanted to post this video in my sidebar videos, but then I decided to post it here as a new post. It’s because this video deserves a short comment. Or actually not, no comments at all. Watch for yourself what idiots are overtaking this country and turning it into a land Continue reading →