Posted by Martin February 16, 2018

5 Best Investing Tips from Warren Buffett


Weekly Results – Feb 16, 2018

  The market saw a nice recovery during last week. Many are still predicting and forecasting that this market will crash again. They are all idiots. Do not put your money on their bets. Study the market’s history and you will see that in the last 16 occurrences of 10% corrections since 1950 the market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 14, 2018

What’s the next S&P 500 move?

If you study the markets and browse a bit into history and seasonality of the markets you can get some nice numbers about the market behavior. That can provide with some foresight and clues of what the market may do next. However, let me stress out again that in the markets “EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN” no Continue reading →

Weekly Results – Feb 10, 2018

  The last week was brutal to say it nicely. The market lost over 5% in that week and our portfolios followed. The selloff however, provided a great opportunity to buy new shares of now once again cheap stocks. Last week we purchased the following shares:   Realty Income (NYSE: O) 11 shares at $47.84 Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 09, 2018

When Stocks Go Down, It’s Good News!


Posted by Martin February 09, 2018

Markets recovered almost all day losses in one swift swing

As soon as S&P 500 touched 200 DMA investors jumped in in a fast and swift buying and propelled the market up pairing almost all intraday losses.     The 200 day MA seems to be holding as a support for now as we bounced. If the support holds we may see more buying coming Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 09, 2018

Stocks plunge another 37 points, now -11.13% correction from ATH

The market opened relatively strong luring investors getting in just to toast them later afternoon. But volatility and weakness returned and the market lost another 37 points adding to yesterday’s 100 point losses. S&P 500 is now down to 2,546 losing 37 points (-1.43%), DOW is down 23,512.49 losing another 347.97 points (-1.46%), and Nasdaq Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 08, 2018

Why the freakout? History shows rising rates have been good for stocks

Using Kensho, a hedge fund analytics tool, CNBC looked at what happens during major periods of rising interest rates. The findings show the market rose big during five of six instances and only fell slightly during the one lagging period.   Getty Images   The stock market is plunging on rising interest rates worries, but Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 08, 2018

-10.13% from ATH

The market just entered a healthy correction when it felt for second time more than 100 points in a day (-3.75%). Unless you got caught in a wrong trade this sell off is a great opportunity to buy more shares of cheap stocks. Unfortunately, people blow up their accounts or are fully invested and they Continue reading →

Weekly Results – Feb 03, 2018

  With one of the largest selloff in recent few years our Net liquidation values (Net-Liq) got obviously a hit. Great gains (on paper) turned down in a day. But it happened only due to a spike in volatility. As of now many of our trades are still in good shape thanks to trading our Continue reading →