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Posted by Martin December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas

I thank you all my readers for visiting my blog, reading, and commenting. I hope you were able to get a few trade ideas on my blog during the last year. I mostly had many interesting trades, although I also had a few losing trades this year, too.

Last year we were able to make 154.43% profit. This year was tricky and many violent moves in the market created some severe losses. Until September 2014 our portfolio was up 113.47%, but later we gave those profits back. We will be closing 2014 year up only 15%. It is not a bad result, but it could be a lot better. I had bigger expectations.

But that’s a part of this job. If you want to trade in the market, you must be ready to learn and be ready for losing trades too. They will happen, but the goal is to have more winning trades than losing trades, trade carefully, and do not over extend your account.

I definitely learned my lessons this year and I hope that the next year will be even better and prosperous than the old one.

In the meantime I wish you a Merry Christmas!

My Private Investment Fund Dream


Can you help with my dream fundraising? If so, please donate.


Help me creating a private investment fund

My dream was to start and manage a private investment fund and potentially, one day, go public and offer investing services to general public. I have been investing for several years and became quite successful in it. So far my investments make in average 13% ROI annually.

I would like to raise money to boost my investment account and create my own mutual fund. I believe that if I can get more cash I will be able to make more money using a power of compounding my gains. Of course, investing may be risky, but I am quite confident in what I am doing and I know I will make money.

I will use raised money invested in Lending Club for 5 years. You can see my results in Lending Club here and see for yourself that I can invest successfully.

And here is a deal

If you help me to start my dream goal and donate even 1 dollar, I will use the raised money for 6 years (5 years investing, 1 year for liquidating the investments).

After this period (6 years) I will keep all proceedings or gains reinvested and donate the principal ($5,000) to other projects and charity via GoFundMe.com or any other charitable project you choose (use the commenting below to recommend a charitable event).

I will continue posting regularly how this fund performs.

So do you think is this a crazy enough idea that you decide to help me and raise the cash? Even Warren Buffett started his investment empire using his own money and money of his friends and colleagues. I would like to do something similar. But after the investment period of time I will return the fundraiser by donating it back to others in need and continue reinvesting my gains.

You may ask a question, what happens if I lose money

Well, it may happen. With investing everything is possible even loses. If I lose money at the end of the 5th year investing period, I will withdraw what’s left and make up the loss from my own cash up to $5,000 and donate the whole $5,000 to charity. Is that fair deal?

I can put down this guarantee, because I am quite confident that I can invest in Lending Club and make money. So, will you help me with this idea?

Then please, go and donate anything you can. You will help me to start my dream fund and also help to charity. Click on the button below and donate. Thank you very much for your participation.

Thank you!

Posted by Martin June 08, 2013

Time for vacation

Not that I am taking a vacation because of reaching my Yakezie goal, but it was time to recharge the batteries. We are spending a week in Disneyland. We planned for this vacation for some time and the day has arrived. I will be posting and be active with my blog rarely for this week.

So have a great time, stay on top of your investments and savings (I will be although at vacation) and I’ll be back next week.

Posted by Martin June 04, 2013

Yakezie challenge completed!

Proud Member of Yakezie A few days ago I completed my Yakezie challenge! I broke thru 200k Alexa rank as it currently reads:


I would like to thank you all for helping me reaching this goal. This accomplishment however won’t stop me from striving to provide a better content about investing.

Posted by Martin May 23, 2013

I miss my spam!

I miss my spam!

This post will be a bit off topic. But it will demonstrate how crazy and retarded I became about blogging and checking comments.

I used to receive 90 – 100 spammy comments every day. All of them were captured by Akismet. But time to time a legit comment was detained and I didn’t want to miss those comments, so every day I browsed thru the spam to see if there are some legit posts.

Recently, I installed another feature eliminating spam and I now have ZERO spam! Opening my admin dashboard on my blog is now so boring! I miss my spam! Can you believe how crazy I am!?

Posted by Martin May 06, 2013

April gone, Yakezie up!

Proud Member of YakezieI realized I became obsessed with Yakezie challenge. Although I am tired I still strive to publish posts which hopefully can add value to my readers and show them my progress from money wasting sucker to a successful dividend investor and at the same time browsing other blogs, reading, responding and promoting them.

The obsession went thus far that I am tracking my Alexa rank and I can even create a graph indicating the progress. This turns me into a crazy person. However this is my trait a part of me and I do this almost with everything. I start tracking and recording every part of my life which matters to me.

When I was a kid, I tracked my allowance saving in the same way. My mom told me that I was as greedy as her brother, my uncle, who was doing the same thing his whole life. Now I know she meant it as a compliment :)

That reminds me a sequence from the move “Trading Places” where Mortimer tells the exact thing to his brother Randolph, that their mother told him that he was greedy and money is not everything. Randolph responded that she meant it as a compliment.

As April is gone, my Yakezie rank progressed to 258,798.

I joined the Yakezie challenge on March 1 with a starting rank of 1,798,936. Two months later I am almost at the limit to become a Yakezie member.

For that I want to thank to all my readers and visitors of this blog. Thanks for stopping by, reading my posts and commenting. I like comments from you and I am like a little child when seeing new comments pending for approval.

So once again, here is my huge THANKS to you!

Posted by Martin March 30, 2013

My Yakezie Progress

Proud Member of YakezieFirst quarter is behind us and for me it is time to start working on my performance review for the first quarter. At the beginning of the month I joined Yakezie Network challenge. I would like to post my monthly Yakezie progress:

When I joined the challenge on March 1, 2013 my Alexa rank was 1,798,936



Here are the values as time went by:

March 8, 2013 1,560,612
March 15, 2013 1,284,616
March 31, 2013 589,548

To me this is an excellent progress. When I was thinking about joining the challenge and I saw my original score I was thinking that it would be impossible to reach 200,000 Alexa rank or less within six months.

I am very impressed that I could lower my rank by more than 1 million points.

But I couldn’t do it without you, my readers. I appreciate your time you spend on this web site and leave a comment. I will work on providing a better content and advice based on my own experience in trading stocks and options.

Thank you all!

Posted by Martin March 06, 2013

Do you pay your fair share?

Do you pay your fair share?

Imagine the following situation. You and your neighbor work hard. You both make let’s say $50,000 a year salary. You both are married, have a new-born child, nice decent house and a car. You happen to be colleagues from the same company which you started working for in about same time. You both take part at company’s 401k plan, you are both young and have a great and bright future in front of you.
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Posted by Martin December 24, 2012



Merry Christmas