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Posted by Martin May 22, 2017

TECK strangle trade

UPDATE: May 22, 2017   This trade also executed today morning. We collected 0.55 or $55.00 dollars credit and now we are in the trade. Now we have to wait for it to develop. Ideally, we want the stock price to stay in between our short put and call strike until expiration (which is in Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 25, 2017

TECK short strangle

UPDATE: Apr 25, 2017 BTC 1 TECK Apr28 24.00 call @ 0.02 debit The company reported earnings this morning before market opening. The stock tanked almost 6%. This was great for our remaining calls. We closed our call side of the trade this morning. As of now, we are out of the entire trade for Continue reading →