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Options trading strategy adjustment

Three years ago I started trading options. I started with covered calls first, later moved to selling naked puts. Was I successful? Yes and no. I made money and I lost money. My trading was like a roller coaster. Euphoria was replaced with deep disappointment and anger when I doubled my account in one season Continue reading →


Trading as a business may be difficult to start if you have little money. In the past, I tried to raise cash for my trading business, but this endeavor is something nobody will ever believe you or trust you with. It looks like times when people like Warren Buffett collected money from his friends, invested Continue reading →

How to defend Call Credit Spreads explained by the best trader

    How to defend a credit call spread? Tom Sosnoff and his daughter Case explains how to defend a call spread which goes against you. Interesting explanation of what should a trader do if a credit spread goes against you. With Tom’s view, everything I have ever done to defend my spreads was wrong. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 17, 2015

Dividend yield or rate?

As my dividend account is small my goal is to maximize income to get as much money out of my invested dollar as possible. Then the question comes, how to achieve it? I know I need to invest in companies providing higher yield to get more money in and reinvest them. I also understand that Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 01, 2015

How do I select stocks for trading options?

A few of my followers and subscribers asked me the same question: “How do I evaluate stocks and select them to trade options”? When I was relatively a novice to trading options I also didn’t know what stocks to use trading options. But the selection process is exact same as if you select stocks to Continue reading →

How to create bullish option spread?

Jerry, my newsletter subscriber, asked me the following question: I like (The Walt Disney Company) DIS long term, say out to 2016. How do I set up a bull spread on it?” I liked his idea and the company, so I decided to post my answer how I would set up a bullish spread against Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 12, 2014

Learning options – debit spreads with AAPL

Learning options - debit spreads with AAPL

As I continue learning options as a tool to make more money than just with dividend investing I moved into reviewing debit spreads. If you follow my blog, you know that I do not prefer debit trades much. With debit trades, you pay up front for the trade and then you have to hope for Continue reading →

Trading the markets in phony environment

Trading the markets in phony environment

Many times again and again investors seek the way how to protect their portfolios and avoid losses when markets tumble. Many investors try to balance their investing strategy between safety and returns. An old battle going on again and again. I decided to combine two strategies for this purpose. One aggressive strategy – trading options Continue reading →