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How to buy stocks cheap in today’s expensive market

How to buy stocks cheap in today's expensive market

If you are a dividend growth investor investing into dividend growth stocks, you may have noticed that the market is somewhat overpriced. You can read on many blogs complaints from dividend investors that it is very difficult to find fairly valued or undervalued stocks today. I agree, that some stocks of my interest are expensive Continue reading →

How to trade stocks in Australia?

If you live in Australia you may have noticed that the Australian stocks market ASX has experienced quite substantial growth in the last decade. The first 8 years the Australian market boomed like no other market. This boom sparked attention of many investors who attempted to start their own investing. Why people invest in the Continue reading →

Market inflated artificially by FED and how to defend your portfolio

Today the stock market proved to be artificially inflated by FEDs policy. It was apparent how weird it works when the central bank influences market and economy and how dangerous such interventions can be to the free market. It looks like we no longer enjoy the free market and although I tend to say there Continue reading →

Why you should have gold in your portfolio

There has been a merciless war out there between investors who are in favor with gold (gold bugs) and those who oppose them and believe that gold has no value, utility, create no value, and as such should be avoided. They say that the recent substantial decline in gold price is an evidence of their Continue reading →

Posted by Alka G. November 03, 2013

8 Golden Rules of Investing

8 Golden Rules of Investing

The greed of huge amount of money has always put most of the investors into the lap of risky financial products. Making money from such risky financial instruments is not a cakewalk. It demands lot of discipline and patience from an investor along with a huge research and deep understanding of the financial market. Apart Continue reading →

Options ladder. What ladder?

A few years ago when banks paid 3, 4, 5 or even more per cent interest on deposits such as CDs (Certificate of Deposit) or some savings accounts people were creating ladders. It was a quite popular method of creating an income stream. If you had a substantial amount of money, you could spread them Continue reading →

How to sell put options – new trade – Safeway (SWY)

How to sell put options - new trade - Safeway (SWY)

Why do I sell put options and covered calls when I am a dividend growth investor? The answer is simple. I want income. When I was looking for a strategy about a year ago after I nearly destroyed my account, I asked myself a question: “what do you want from your investment? What your account Continue reading →

New Trade – fixing Demand Media (DMD) – put selling

New Trade - fixing Demand Media (DMD) - put selling

My covered call trade against Demand Media DMD turned to be a stinky trade. It turned against me when the stock dropped significantly leaving me with a large loss. Is there a way to repair it? I believe so. What is Demand Media and why it sucks? I must admit that when I was opening Continue reading →

Posted by Alka G. October 20, 2013

Ten Commandments of Personal Finance

Ten Commandments of Personal Finance

For most of the people, getting their personal finances on right track is more challenging than walking on desert for 10 years. But managing your finances is not impossible and it doesn’t demand any miracle from you side. Most of the people are afraid to take some essential steps to manage their finances this is Continue reading →

New trading strategy testing

New trading strategy testing

Recently I was working on a new strategy on picking stocks. I always wanted to develop mechanical trading – a sort of rules which would allow me to eliminate human emotions from trading. Human emotions are the worst enemy of every trader and investor. They make us do stupid things on the market. They force Continue reading →