My investing Strategy – Dividend growth investing, part 2

Here is a continuation of my previous Strategy post, part 1. This time I would like to write about each part of my strategy more in detail, so you can see how I invest. In the previous post I mentioned that I apply a few different strategies and use different accounts for those strategies. The Continue reading →

Time to switch to conservative options trading

After reviewing last week trading and next week outlook I decided to switch into more conservative option trading. I usually traded options very aggressively but it seems that now it may be time to slow down a bit. What does it mean taking a conservative trading approach? I usually take an aggressive approach. That means Continue reading →

The markets may taper too. How are you prepared for it?

We experienced two days in a row of a sharp drop in Wall Street. Is the market heading towards a long expected correction or is this just a dip? Media is bombarding us with explanations of what’s happening – investors nervous because of bad economic data, bad employment data, bad earnings, slowing China. And you Continue reading →

High yield dividend growth stock candidates to boost your income

High yield dividend growth stock candidates to boost your income

As I wrote in my article about saving cash through commission free ETFs I will be soon selling a portion of my RWX holding and buying dividend growth stocks in my ROTH IRA account. I will have my money ready to invest and a question arises what stock to buy.   (MORE: A Brief Primer Continue reading →

Trading options is dead dangerous! Really?

Trading options is dead dangerous! Really?

If you received or read a disclosure from your broker about options trading stating that trading options is dangerous and you may lose money, do not believe it. If you know what you are doing and what to expect from options, they can be very safe and they actually can be less dangerous than trading Continue reading →

Saving cash through commission free ETFs – the end of a cycle

Saving cash through commission free ETFs - the end of a cycle

Small investors who are at the beginning of their investing journey and do not have big pile of cash on hand face a problem how to manage their cash. You probably have the same problem if you can save only $100 or $200 monthly.   (MORE: My Growth Portfolio Update)     What would you Continue reading →

My investing Strategy – part 1

My investing Strategy - part 1

I am finally kicking myself into writing this long overdue post about my investing strategy. I started many times and have several drafts but I haven’t liked any of the versions. Most of them became too complicated and I could see that this would be very confusing and boring for my readers to read. So Continue reading →

How dividends (and options) protect my portfolio

How dividends (and options) protect my portfolio

It is well known to all dividend investors that dividend paying stocks outperform non-dividend payers big way over time. Many studies also proved that dividends generally contributed 50% to overall market returns. Yet many times people need a proof in real life in order to believe it – myself included. In the past I under-estimated Continue reading →

FED’s taper, no-taper talks will push markets higher with nice dips in 2014

Anytime FED says it may probably taper if the economy shows some improvement, investors run for cover, panicking and selling everything they have. A few days later the FED says that the economy hasn’t improved enough to taper and backs off.   (MORE: mREITs Would Love an End to the Fed’s Free Money)   A Continue reading →

Why Motif Investing is a revolutionary trading platform since ETF invention

  Pay attention to the reporter’s question in the video: I want to get an understanding, who do you think is going to buy into this? Hardeep: So far we’ve got ultra-high net worth investors buying into this, we’ve got newbie investors, we’ve got money managers, a lot of financial advisors are using us right Continue reading →