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Posted by Martin December 02, 2008

I want to start investing, are stocks best for me?

On this blog I write about [tag]investing into stocks[/tag] for beginners. However, it is dedicated to those [tag]investors[/tag] who want to actively invest into [tag]stocks[/tag] instead of putting [tag]money[/tag] into [tag]Mutual funds[/tag], CDs, [tag]savings accounts[/tag], [tag]ETF[/tag]s or any other investing vehicles. This blog is about a small portion of the entire investing [tag]portfolio[/tag] every investor Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2008

Investor’s checklist III. – Strategy 1.

Investor's checklist III. - Strategy 1.

Having a [tag]strategy[/tag] in a battlefield was a key to a battle or a war victory. Having a strategy in a [tag]business[/tag] is a key to a success in everyone’s business. People plan their work, vacation and even their family budget (well, some of them). Every morning when we get up, we may start our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2008

Protect your money: timing the market

I wrote about [tag]timing the market[/tag] in my previous post to emphasize this approach and to show that it is a [tag]good strategy[/tag], which every [tag]individual investor[/tag] who wants to manage his own [tag]portfolio[/tag] actively and [tag]make money[/tag] consistently should learn and practice as long as he or she becomes a pro. This strategy can Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 15, 2008

Investor’s checklist II.

This is a post from Hello Suckers. In my previous post of [tag]Investor’s checklist[/tag], I tried to emphasize how an [tag]investor[/tag] can prepare himself for [tag]investing[/tag]. Now (November 2008) we have the best time for such preparation. The [tag]market[/tag] is in correction and nobody knows when this decline stops, so the best to do now Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 07, 2008

Investor’s checklist I.

This is a post from Hello Suckers Are you [tag]new to investing[/tag]? Were you thinking you would [tag]start investing[/tag] some [tag]money[/tag] in the [tag]stock market[/tag] to make some [tag]additional income[/tag], but you have no idea how to start? Don’t worry, we all were beginners once, so do I. This article shall give you an “implementation Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 30, 2008

Timing the market – a fool’s play?

Some advisers and investors say timing the market is a fool’s game and every investor should avoid it, because it is impossible to do it successfully and whoever tries it he would lose his investments. These investors and advisers either misinterpret timing or do not understand it at all. Obviously, timing the market doesn’t mean Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 06, 2008

Impatience & indiscipline pay the dark rewards

This market is a very good example what it means to be impatient and have no discipline. For me it is a very good lesson which I need to repeat myself every time I try to make trades when the market is not ready. What actually happened? In the beginning of August the market showed Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 28, 2008

Transfer your savings into investing II.

When I advocated for savings in my previous post, I did not say that investors should save their whole life and then die. The goal is to become financially independent, create enough passive income so an investor can stop working if he wishes and basically retire. However he needs to start somewhere first. It is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 28, 2008

Reverse Scale System (RSS)

Reverse Scale System (RSS)

When I started investing many years ago I had no plan, no strategy, no discipline and I was losing money. However I was reading books and trying to find some good strategy which would protect my capital and make me money in this stock investing business. There is a lot of books about investing. Many Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 27, 2008

“I cannot save any penny cuz I’m broke”

It is not true. Nobody is so broke that he or she cannot save. When I was a little boy I learned saving myself. I always wanted to be a rich man when I would grow up. My mom concerned about me that I was growing into a greedy person or so. At least she Continue reading →