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Hello Suckers, Read this!

This site is about investing into stocks. It is not recommendation nor solicitation. If you decide to follow my picks, be aware you may loose your money, since there is no guarantee for gains. I take no responsibility for any such loss or damage which may occur to you by following my trades or strategy. It is fully your responsibility.
If you invest your hard earned money, be sure you invest only such amount you can afford to lose, otherwise do not trade.
This page is dedicated to display my trading records and results, my own personal ideas (which may be totally wrong) and it is dedicated to beginners, however experienced traders are sincerely welcome.
If you do not agree with my ideas, thoughts and trades, you may post it or do not read it. This is all you can do about it.
On this site you may find links to other websites. I am not responsible of the content, offers and privacy practices of such web sites.
Good luck.

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