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Posted by Martin April 28, 2017

April 2017 dividend income

April dividend and options trading in our ROTH IRA account has been very successful. From the dividend income perspective it was the best month so far. Both incomes also helped the account balance growth although the stock market shows a lot of bearishness and fear. However, last few days in the markets boosted the value Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 21, 2017

AGNC covered call (ROTH)

In my ROTH IRA account I own over 166 shares of AGNC stock. It is not a very good stock for trading options as there is no volume, no premiums, no interest. Yet I was thinking how to utilize my amount of shares to trade options against this underlying. Since I have now an experience Continue reading →

New buy in my ROTH IRA – RWX a commission free saving

When I started dividends investing in 2012 I had no goal or strategy and I was purchasing stocks with every penny I had. It was long before I realized how futile way of investing this was. Whenever I received a few dollars in dividends or contributed $50 to my ROTH IRA account, I immediately invested Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 19, 2014

Volatile week offered opportunities again

Volatile week offered opportunities again

Another trading week is over and we can review our accounts and see how we were doing and how our investments performed. The last week was volatile as many investors were nervous about the Fed and its policy. On Wednesday we were expecting what Janet Yellen would come up with in regards to interest rates Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 12, 2014

Mr. Market offers a good entry point into dividend stocks

Mr. Market offers a good entry point into dividend stocks

Today trading started promising in the morning, but afternoon turned sour. Once again we see panic and nervousness returning to the pit. Today, markets lost ground and sold off. Nothing dramatic yet, but we could see an easement. What pushed stocks down? Among those companies which were dragging S&P 500 down were energy stocks (and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 14, 2012

Why are REITs falling and will they recover?

REITs stocks are sharply falling, one would call it a free fall. Even famous, strong and gigantic companies such as Annaly Capital Management is down by 4.2%, American Capital Agency by 3.8%, and ARMOUR Residential (ARR) by 4.4%. What does it mean for you if you hold those stocks? A tough year for mREITs Let’s Continue reading →