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Psychology of trading:

Mark Douglas – Trading on the Zone


Interesting videos about trading, traders, and investors:

Warren Buffett


Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price


Traders Millions by the Minute (Episode 1 of 2)


Traders Millions by the Minute (Episode 2 of 2)



Million Dollar Traders (Episode 1 of 3)


Million Dollar Traders (Episode 2 of 3)


Million Dollar Traders (Episode 3 of 3)


In this archive, watch videos I considered interesting by Boom Bust, Peter Schiff, or Tasty Trade:

Managing Gains and Losses in Options



Managing Wide Strike Iron Condors

Investors hoarding cash

Losing “Patience” Does not Mean the Fed has Lost Patience

Schiff: QE won’t work in Europe just like it didn’t work here

Ending QE is Bad, Not Ending it is Worse

Quantity, not Quality, Defines Jobs in Obama’s “Recovery”

Real Conversations: Peter Schiff Talks Bubbles, Roubini, Bailouts & More

Marxism Rebranded

Deflation: A Concern So Stupid only an Intellectual Could Be Worried

Unemployment data forging, Peter Schiff’s foray into Bitcoin & Paul Craig Roberts on the US dollar’s future

No Paycheck Fairness in Hollywood

Janet Yellen: Much Ado about Nothing

Charles Krauthammer: 7.1 Million Enrollees is a ‘Phony Number’

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