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#001 More trades opened today

We have added a few more trades today to our accounts:

Roll 1 IWM Sep30 148 call to Oct9 150 call for 0.53 credit
With the market renewed rally, we had to roll our IWM trade once again. We rolled it into the next week’s expiration and 150 strike. With the rally, we may need to roll this trade again tomorrow.
IWM trade

Bought 10 PBCT shares @ 10.17
We added new shares to our account #2 and now hold 31 shares total in this account. Our goal is to reach 100 shares so we can monetize the position by selling options around it.

Bought 30 PBCT shares @ 10.20
Sold 1 BAC Oct9 (weekly) 24.50 call for +0.33 credit
We added few more shares of PBCT stock in our account #4, we now hold 80 shares of this stock and our goal is to reach 100 shares so we can start selling covered calls, or covered strangles.

We also had our BAC covered call expired last Friday and therefore we sold a new covered call today for additional 0.33 credit (or $33 total credit).

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