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#003 Trades opened today

We have added a few more trades today to our accounts:

Sold 1 PPL Nov20 30 call for +0.22 credit
Bought 1 T shares @ 28.50
Bought 1 ICSH shares @ 50.55
Sold 1 TSN Oct16 63.5 call for +0.25 credit
Bought 1 T shares @ 28.52

Since we have reached 100 shares, we can start selling covered calls to generate income. We sold November 20 (monthly) covered call with 30 strike price.

We are now accumulating shares of AT&T (T) in account #1. We used credit (+ some cash) from PPL covered call and reinvested that credit to one share of T. After we reach 100 shares, we will start selling covered calls too.

We sold 1 naked call against TSN converting our existing put trade into a strangle. This trade is uncovered so it poses a high risk and thus needs to be monitored. We expect, however, that both legs (put and call) of this trade expire worthless at expiration day.

We used the credit received and bought another share of AT&T (T).

Today's trades

You can see all our trades on Trades & Income page.

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