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Archive for August 31st, 2008

Posted by Martin August 31, 2008


Discipline and patience is alpha & omega of any trading or investing. Without it an investor would experience huge losses. I have my own experience with lack of discipline and patience. I lost about 60% of my initial principal when I started trading about three years ago. I still fight with my emotions. My biggest Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 31, 2008

Market 08/25 – 08/29

Market 08/25 - 08/29

This weeks’ market behavior was little shaky and volatile, in weekly terms it went sideways. However I could see one positive point in the last August week trading. Even though on Friday the market dropped very significantly (Dow -171.63; -1.47%; 11,543.55; Nasdaq -44.12; -1.83%; 2,367.52; S&P -17.85; -1.37%; 1,282.83) the end of the week shows Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 31, 2008

Transfer your savings into investing

I am still talking in terms of a small account, small money. In my previous post I told that every small beginning investor can start from nothing. If an investor sticks to the saving plan by transferring a little share of her salary into a savings account, soon she will end up with some good Continue reading →