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Archive for November 7th, 2008

Posted by Martin November 07, 2008

Investor’s checklist I.

This is a post from Hello Suckers Are you [tag]new to investing[/tag]? Were you thinking you would [tag]start investing[/tag] some [tag]money[/tag] in the [tag]stock market[/tag] to make some [tag]additional income[/tag], but you have no idea how to start? Don’t worry, we all were beginners once, so do I. This article shall give you an “implementation Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 07, 2008

Picks 11/03 – 11/07

No new picks. There is nothing to buy out there. Existing holdings: Symbol Qty Last Gain($) Gain(%) AFAM 10 51.47 100.24 24.19 Contribution this week: $0 Starting account value = $1,920.05 Account value = $1,953.16 (without margin) Buying power = $1,438.46 Portfolio Gain/loss this week = 1.72% Portfolio Gain/Loss for NOVEMBER 2008 = 1.72% Portfolio Continue reading →