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Posted by MartZee November 30, 2010

PAXHX replacing ATIPX in my ROTH IRA account

I am replacing ATIPX with a new mutual fund PAXHX in my account. I will not sell ATIPX yet, but I will not be buying this mutual fund anymore. I am “putting this fund on the shelf“. Reasons for not buying this fund anymore are: ATIPX is no longer an NTF fund, so I cannot Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 30, 2010

GM? No thanks.

I recently found an interesting article about General Motors (GM) sometimes called Government Motors. The article described what I already think and agree on in regards to this company and the biggest thievery in recent history. All what bothers me about this real-socialism had happened with this company. Our government did a great job by Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 14, 2010

Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

There is a reason that most mortgages are paid monthly and not quarterly. Banks are looking for reassurance the payments will continue to come in. In much the same way, many investors find comfort in owning stocks that pay monthly dividends. There are several advantages to receiving dividends each month over the traditional quarterly, semi-annual Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee November 04, 2010

My goal with Lending Club

Recently I was thinking what I want to do with my Lending Club account. Actually Rob Garcia asked me that question the other day when we had a short discussion about my plans and goals when investing with Lending Club. I answered that I wanted to invest and reinvest for upcoming next three years and Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 30, 2010

How to Manage Money?

What should you do with your hard earned cash? There are many choices we face on a daily basis that can create confusion and can point us in in a different direction at any time. There are many things that we should and shouldn’t do with regards to our finances and how to manage money. Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 30, 2010

Portfolio monthly review – October 2010

Monthly review of my Trading account, Roth IRA account and Lending Club account

Posted by MartZee October 23, 2010

How Reinvesting Dividends Accelerates Yield on Cost

An article “How Yield on Cost Works” by David Van Knapp discussed the basic yet oft-misunderstood concept of yield on cost (YOC). In a nutshell, it explains why your personal yield from a dividend stock goes up as the company increases its dividends. The reason is because your personal yield is based—and always will be Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 19, 2010

5 Dividend Paying Stocks Experiencing Growth

Dividend yields will often fall in low interest rate environments (usually due to a slow economy) and bull markets (stock returns tend to outpace dividends.) When you combine those two factors over the last 18 months the average dividend yield available in the S&P 500 has only been lower during the stock bubble of 2000-2001. Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 16, 2010

Dividends for Lifetime

McDonald’s (MCD) became a dividend play for a lifetime a few months ago highlighted by Jim Royal in his regular posts at Motley Fool. He is back today to recommend another dividend play for a lifetime. The company is Microsoft (MSFT). Microsoft has been an exceptional dividend star over the past few years. It has Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee October 11, 2010

Holding period for dividend stocks

One of the most common issues that dividend investors face is the holding period for their dividend stocks. It seems that dividend investors are divided in two camps on the issue. One of the camps believes in active allocation of capital, where positions are continually adjusted depending on company performance, market performance or relative portfolio Continue reading →