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Archive for October 5th, 2011

Posted by Martin October 05, 2011

Stocks rise on hopes for European banks

In the article on Yahoo.com “Stocks rise on hopes for European banks” I have found a following comment from a user named Kristen: Last night, John Moulton, in an interview on the news said that the EU has no real plan to shore up the debt crisis & in essence, US traders will believe what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2011

SPY rised almost 2% on hopes for rescue of European banks

The market (SPY) rised on hopes and wishful thinking today on mediocre volume. Nothing exciting today. “The market is trading on sentiment right now, not fundamentals,” said Rob Stein, head of Astor Asset Management. “People are hoping that the bounce yesterday means that we’ve hit a bottom, but the problems that were in the economy Continue reading →