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Posted by Martin May 16, 2011

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Posted by Martin May 13, 2011

How to make extra money?

In my few posts I wrote that I was looking for new opportunities to make some extra cash which I will have available for investing. Almost every week I search the Internet to find those opportunities. It is not easy, because the net is full of scam today. Many times I come across a web Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 06, 2011

Actuant (ATU) a stock with blow-out earnings potential

Actuant (ATU) a stock with blow-out earnings potential

Actuant Corporation is recently going zigzag in short term and side way in somewhat middle term (December 2010 until today). Many times I was thinking to get rid of that stock since it no longer shows momentum to me, no growth, so why lock my money in it. But then I try to remind myself Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 02, 2011

Sell in May and run away… well, I am not so sure

Sell in May and run away... well, I am not so sure

I have read this little rhythm somewhere and I liked it. Some professionals from Wall Street and analysts say that May is typically a weak month when stocks fall. If I recall it correctly, last year it was actually April when stocks headed south. But I may be wrong. Sometimes it is confusing listening to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 30, 2011

My watchlist

You may have noticed that on the right sidebar I have a list of stocks of my interest. These are the stocks I am planning to add into my portfolio. The list contains primarily dividend paying stocks, but time to time I add a speculative stock into the list. For example right now it is Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 24, 2011

Monthly Dividend Stocks

There are plenty of benefits to owning stocks that pay their dividends monthly. According to the Excel list that was just updated by WallStreetNewsNetwork.com, there are over 200 different companies that pay dividends monthly, many of which have high yields. Technically, these stocks are real estate investment trusts, oil income trusts, closed end bond funds, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 22, 2011

AGNC’s SPO (And High Yield) Provide Opportunity

After going ex-dividend Monday, shares of American Capital Agency Corp (AGNC) were falling further after hours on news the company will be offering 27,000,000 shares of stock. Underwriters will have the possibility to sell an additional 4,050,000 shares to cover any overallotments. Investors who have held AGNC for a few quarters should have seen this Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 17, 2011

Ten stocks to look at in the panic

Even high-quality blue-chip stocks have been thrown overboard in the panic of the past six days. Shares in some of the world’s strongest and most profitable names have been knocked down 5%, 10% or in a few cases even more in the global selloff. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next in Japan. And nobody Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 16, 2011

Time to buy? Everybody is panicking, but Buffet is buying!

It is not easy seeing your investments sinking and it is not comfortable seeing the market in correction. At least it is not comfortable for me. I can see; however, that all this mess in the market is just pure overreaction and unreasonable panicking. First the market was plummeting because of fear of crisis in Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee March 02, 2011

Keep income flowing no matter what

The primary goal isn’t to make as much money as possible or “beat the market.” Instead, it’s to create a portfolio of investments that will allow you to meet specific obligations — no matter what happens in the markets. This may seem like a distinction without a difference. But it requires a fundamentally different mindset Continue reading →