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Posted by Martin October 22, 2011

Stocks up again on earnings

Last week I didn’t have time for updating my web site. There are only two facts: 1) The market was rising again, this time on earnings 2) I am no longer strongly convinced that the market will go down. That means I will stay aside a bit in regards to trading SPY. We may go Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 12, 2011

Stock advance on Europe hopes

Stock advance on Europe hopes

Source CNN Money A broad rally lost steam during the final minutes of trading, but stocks still ended sharply higher Wednesday as investors welcomed the latest plan to recapitalize European banks. “We’re continuing to see a shift in investor sentiment,” said Art Hogan, managing director at Lazard Capital Markets. “Last week, it seemed like the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 11, 2011

Will the market skyrocket or dive?

We have had an impressive re-bound these days, but is this rally sustainable? The market is already showing a sign of weakness. Today’s trading is forming a shooting star candle (we are not done yet, so by the end of the session all can be different). The volume is rising and we seem to be Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 10, 2011

Is the market rebounding?

Today’s trading, although based on hopes, could be read as a reversal approach. We broke significantly above 50 day MA. The volume was a bit weak, but still, the rally can count as a breakout. The question is whether it will mark a rally attempt and we are ending the bearish trend or this would Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 10, 2011

Here we go again, hopes, pledges and promises

Market is growing again. On hopes, promises and pledges. A big bang is close, when those idiots in the market realize, that these are just plain promises which cannot be accomplished without hard and merciless changes or cuts. While talk of a strategy is encouraging, the lack of details is keeping investors and markets on Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 07, 2011

Unbelievable movement of the market

I am surprised what moves the market today. When you look at all data coming out of Europe and the US, one cannot believe this market is rising. Well, it is happening (maybe today I should say it was happening, since I think we are at reversal). I swallowed my pride, sold my SPY puts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2011

Stocks rise on hopes for European banks

In the article on Yahoo.com “Stocks rise on hopes for European banks” I have found a following comment from a user named Kristen: Last night, John Moulton, in an interview on the news said that the EU has no real plan to shore up the debt crisis & in essence, US traders will believe what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 05, 2011

SPY rised almost 2% on hopes for rescue of European banks

The market (SPY) rised on hopes and wishful thinking today on mediocre volume. Nothing exciting today. “The market is trading on sentiment right now, not fundamentals,” said Rob Stein, head of Astor Asset Management. “People are hoping that the bounce yesterday means that we’ve hit a bottom, but the problems that were in the economy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 04, 2011

Stock market in rollercoaster

Wow, today’s trading was really crazy! I must admit I suffered some big hits today. Well, overall I am still up and making money, but some $500 day loss. Little bit less than that, actually. What’s crazier here is the reason for such irrational move of rallying up in the last 30 minutes of trading. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 04, 2011

Fed is going to help faltering economy, said Ben Bernanke

(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to help an economic recovery that is “close to faltering”, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday. Great! And investors got crazy about this proclamation and started buying. Good move if you want to lose money. Are these idiots out there blind? O.k. I Continue reading →