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Posted by Martin October 15, 2012

Impact Of QE3 On Agency Mortgage REITs?

In this article, I look into how QE3, more particularly the Fed’s MBS purchase program, affects agency mortgage REITs. I discussed my approach for agency mortgage REIT analysis in this prior article. A few days ago, the Fed laid out its plan to buy about $40bb of agency MBS per month over the next several Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 14, 2012

Armour Residential ARR is it a buy?

In my opinion and view Armour Residential (ARR) is a buy. I am not searching for the reason for the recent drop in price. Since I am building my portfolio by buying more and more shares and reinvesting dividends, I am also looking at the point when is the best time to add to a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 12, 2012

How to increase profits in the stock market

I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Of all the forces in the economy that have caused people to lose money in the stock market, none have been greater than the advice of financial experts and brokers. Brokers and most financial advisers could care less about your financial well being Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 08, 2012

November 6 the future of the USA

As the election day approaches I would like to know who you would vote for: [poll id=”14″] Thanks for voting.

Posted by Martin September 11, 2012

Focus on savings and investing with Lending Club

Focus on savings and investing with Lending Club

Recently I was evaluating my investment goals and the way I was saving money for investing. In many of my previous posts I preached a way of saving into non transaction fee mutual funds, which would allow investing small amounts let’s say $50 every month without paying a fee. Then I could see something I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 03, 2012

What do you think?

In today’s morning papers Mitt Romney promised 12 million new jobs in his first term if he captures the White House. [poll id=”12″]

Posted by Martin July 31, 2012


Tell us what do you think: [poll id=”11″] Thanks

Posted by Martin July 30, 2012

Lending Club investing experience

If you ever heard about Lending Club, seen some ads about investing with Lending Club and making 9% or more, you probably wonder whether it works or it is safe investing. You probable tried searching on Internet to find out what others have to say about this type of investing. Are you confused about the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 17, 2012

My blogging break

Recently I stopped posting my trades on this blog. The reason was that I had very little time doing it and the second reason was that my trade results were not as I would wish and I slowed down in trading. At the end of the last year I was quite successful in trading and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 01, 2012

January Consumer Spending Growth Weak

Consumer spending rose less than expected in January even as incomes improved, an indication that Americans may still be unsure about the slowly recovering economy. Personal income increased 0.3% from the prior month while spending rose 0.2%, the Commerce Department said Thursday. In December, spending was flat, but incomes rose 0.5%. Economists surveyed by Dow Continue reading →