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Archive for April 25th, 2013

Posted by Martin April 25, 2013

Trade Adjustment – AT&T (T) addition

Trade Adjustment - AT&T (T) addition

As I announced on my Facebook page, the conditional order triggered the trade today morning and I bought some more shares of AT&T. This addition helps increase my overall dividend payout to 652.41 dollars a year.       TRADE DETAILS 04/25/2013 09:31:12 Bought 26 T @ 37.36 DIVIDEND STOCK DETAILS Total shares held as Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 25, 2013

Supper quicky note #5

Safeway Inc. FCF 197 mm better than last year due to lower expeditures.     Another stock suffering a big sell off today was Safeway. It dropped almost 20% during this trading session after reporting its quarterly report. Although the report missed the expectation, as a dividend investor, would you care about a quarter miss? Continue reading →