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Archive for December, 2013

Trade adjustment – Safeway (SWY) put selling roll over

Trade adjustment - Safeway (SWY) put selling roll over

In almost a week ago I announced on my Facebook page an intent to roll over my Safeway (SWY) January contract. I felt like this could be a great opportunity to roll the contract to a lower strike and further away in time and make money. Safeway seems to struggle moving higher as investors see Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 30, 2013

My goals for 2014

The year 2013 is over. It has been a wonderful year. It passed very quickly and now we have time to reconcile our goals and set new ones. My last year was a struggle fighting my debt. I could see how much money I was wasting on debt payments and interest. Many times I saw Continue reading →

Goals for 2013 review

Goals for 2013 review

The old year is almost over, the new one knocks on the door. It’s time to review our goals and set the new ones. The 2013 year has been a great year and very fast as well. I cannot believe it is over.   (MORE: Goals for 2013 Review)   It was a great year. Continue reading →

Trade adjustment AT&T (T) – put selling (building my options ladder)

Trade adjustment AT&T (T) - put selling (building my options ladder)

This trade was inspired by my fellow blogger Integrator from the blog Get financially Integrated! and his latest article at Seeking Alpha “My Dividend Portfolio: Evaluating AT&T“. He is evaluating the AT&T (T) stock in his article concluding that the stock didn’t drop low enough for him to be buying this stock although the recent Continue reading →

How dividends (and options) protect my portfolio

How dividends (and options) protect my portfolio

It is well known to all dividend investors that dividend paying stocks outperform non-dividend payers big way over time. Many studies also proved that dividends generally contributed 50% to overall market returns. Yet many times people need a proof in real life in order to believe it – myself included. In the past I under-estimated Continue reading →

FED’s taper, no-taper talks will push markets higher with nice dips in 2014

Anytime FED says it may probably taper if the economy shows some improvement, investors run for cover, panicking and selling everything they have. A few days later the FED says that the economy hasn’t improved enough to taper and backs off.   (MORE: mREITs Would Love an End to the Fed’s Free Money)   A Continue reading →