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Archive for February 13th, 2014

Posted by Martin February 13, 2014

Yellen’s plan for boosting the weak jobs market is no plan again

  Our impotent government along with FED has been feeding us with fake job data since 2008. Everybody knows it, but nobody does anything about it. Where are all those “shovel ready jobs” Obama was feeding the nation during 2012 election? Did he mean shovel ready hamburger flipping at McDonalds? Our nation is suffering from Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 13, 2014

Caution ahead: Market bounce is breeding overconfidence

Today, I found an interesting video. It is not interesting because of the announced overconfidence on the markets that all the dividend growth and value investors probably know of, but there was one very interesting point about market participants’ behavior, which sparked my attention. Many times, I was stunned by how irrational investors can be Continue reading →