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Posted by Martin March 03, 2015

SPX expected move for March 4, 2015

Today, we saw SPX retreating from its all-time high level. Surprisingly, it wasn’t economic data which sparked the selling but not so good sales reported by automakers. That’s at least what media are trying to tell us. On Monday the trading was strong and bullish enough to reverse bearish outlook and my technical indicators shot Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 01, 2015

Will S&P 500 go up or down next week?

My quick answer to that question is “I do not know.” But I may at least to try to set boundaries for its move next week, so my potential trade would sit outside of those boundaries and safe. So I cannot say where the market would go next week. Let’s take a look at what Continue reading →

Stocks to buy in March 2015

February finished fast and it is time to choose new stocks to buy for the next month. If you purchased my stocks at the beginning of February, your portfolio would be 4.58% up today. It could have been better but the stocks, mainly the energy stocks, fell down during the second half of the month. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 27, 2015

Bull Put Spread against SPX expired for 6.38% profit

Although yesterday the trading looked dramatic, no actual drama has happened today and our SPX bull put spread we put out on Wednesday with strikes at 2080/2085 expired worthless for a full profit of a received credit (our subscribers and I realized 6.38% profit this week). If we will be able to maintain such profit Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 26, 2015

SPX expected move for February 27, 2015

Once again investors in Wall Street freaked out about oil and continued selling energy stocks. That would affect our put spread positions in OXY, LGCY, and EVS, which sold hard today. But these trades are a long term trades and thus today‚Äôs sell off is not a concern to me. They can freak out as Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 25, 2015

SPX expected move for February 26, 2015

I would like to start posting this series of my market expectations, but at this point, I am not sure how consistent I will be able to be in publishing this series. My intent to publish the charts below is to show where the market may go during the day in relation to my weekly Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 23, 2015

Bloggers and my blogroll

Over time I made a few friends recruited from dividend and options trading bloggers. Some had great blogs and I could learn a lot from them. I could learn not only about investing, but also about blogging. It was a great community. But recently I noticed many of those great blogs were dormant. Some said Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 22, 2015

SPX in unique chance to end extremely high next week

Last Friday was a significant trading day. At first, the stock market was falling on Friday morning making the recent breakout a false one. The market was returning back to the sideways channel. Later during the day it recovered a bit, but still continued sideways. At 10:30 am the market started going up and created Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 22, 2015

Is S&P 500 going to crash this year?

In recent months we kept reading in media that the market crash or major correction is imminent. Many people believe and preach it. Many websites having polls installed indicate bearishness. Many advisers advocate cautious and moving money into cash. Are you also concerned about the market crashing this year? There are two factors which may Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 21, 2015

Sold second AAPL bull call spread for 158% profit

As I mentioned yesterday in my Apple post I had another bull call spread against AAPL with expiration next week. I closed the first one on Thursday to avoid partial assignment for a great profit of 236%. Today I closed the second trade for another great profit of 158.77%. This second trade wasn’t as easy Continue reading →