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Posted by Martin March 31, 2018

March 2018 trading, investing, results

February was bad. Unfortunately, March on Wall Street wasn’t any better. The slump in stocks continued and S&P 500 continue sliding down. The first week of March looked promising. The markets went up and it all looked that we are finally on the path of recovery. Then Trump announced his tariffs shame aimed against China Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 29, 2018

Off Coloring Easter Eggs

S&P 500  2640.00 +35.87 (+1.38%)  Dow 30  24103.11 +254.69 (+1.07%)  Nasdaq  7063.44 +114.22 (+1.64%)   As one trader put it today – “the markets would go higher today as traders are off coloring the eggs…” So, the markets went up today… tomorrow, we are closed for Easter and on Monday we will see what’s going Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 28, 2018

200 DMA holding: consolidation or more pain coming?

S&P 500  2605.00 -7.62 (-0.29%)  Dow 30  23848.42 -9.29 (-0.04%)  Nasdaq  6949.23 -59.58 (-0.85%)   The market was dragged down by technology stocks again today. But the draw down was as violent as yesterday or last week. It doesn’t mean that this can turn tomorrow into more selling. The stock market hold 200 DMA so Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2018

The pain

S&P 500  2612.62 -45.93 (-1.73%)  Dow 30  23857.71 -344.89 (-1.43%)  Nasdaq  7008.81 -211.74 (-2.93%)   The rebound on Monday didn’t last long. Today, the markets tanked again dragged down by technology stocks. So far 200 DMA holds but the more often we knock on it the more likely we break down. Also, the markets are Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 26, 2018

A Large Rebound Eases Tensions, Will It Last?

What I expected on Friday came on Monday. A significant bounce. But will this turn into a recovery or is it a dead cat bounce for further selloff? I do not know and cannot predict. However, given the markets erratic behavior and fast reactions this may turn into a recovery. We did a few trades Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 25, 2018

An Expected Bounce Turned Into a Panic… What’s Next in the Markets?

Have you noticed that these days when markets are tumbling our cheerleader-in-chief is suddenly missing? When the markets were rising breaking all time high records, Trump was tweeting every week boasting about the markets. Today, silence. Our accounts took a hit when our market value dropped by $21,000 dollars which represents 16% overall draw-down. But Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 22, 2018

We survived FED’s hike but Trump makes sure your 401k goes down the toilet

Yes we survived one potential catastrophe from FED but Trump makes sure we have another coming. His tariffs on China sparked enormous fear on Chinese retaliation and we sold off heavily. With tariffs, we are in fact cutting a tree branch underneath ourselves. It will not help the US. It didn’t in the past and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 21, 2018

Markets survived FED’s hike, sky didn’t collapse…

FED raised rates today and signaled more to come (although as not as many as spooked investors feared) and nothing happened. The world didn’t end, sky didn’t fall, the Universe didn’t collapse, and spooky investors can finally move on and fear something else. Today, I again was busy with other stuff and couldn’t do trading. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 20, 2018

Markets held 2700 support today

As posted earlier I identified a support at 2700 level (or around) and today, the market held that level although the trend was gloomy. I expected more turmoil in regards to FED (which is still coming on us) and Trump’s tariffs (this still can come back and spook the investors who already crapped their pants Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 19, 2018

Nice selloff today! I missed it!!

Today we saw another fairly large sell off. If we measure it by 2017 market standards of doing pretty much nothing but going up.         Today’s decline was just a technical pullback led by a previously overbought tech sector. S&P 500 still making higher highs and higher lows.   Potential trade war Continue reading →