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Archive for September, 2018

Posted by Martin September 29, 2018

September 2018 trading and investing results

S&P 500  2,913.98 -0.02(0.00%)  Dow 30  26,458.31 +18.38(+0.07%)  Nasdaq  8,046.35 +4.38(+0.05%)   September 2018 is over and it is time to report our trading and investing results. Overall September was a great month but it was also a very volatile month. Our IRA account performed great. Our cash increased to $104,600.00 and we purchased a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin September 01, 2018

August 2018 trading, investing, results

S&P 500  2,901.52 +0.39(+0.01%)  Dow 30  25,964.82 -22.10(-0.09%)  Nasdaq  8,109.54 +21.17(+0.26%)   August 2018 was a mix bag of goodies and rotten apples, so to speak. It was good until it wasn’t. We made nice income but then the market started rallying and many of our Iron Condors started seeing call spreads breached. As I Continue reading →