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Archive for November, 2018

Posted by Martin November 30, 2018

All is good at Wall Street again, until it isn’t

We can say that today, we got a breakout and confirmation of an uptrend. On Wednesday we saw a nice rally, on Thursday, the indecision candle worked as a pause and today we broke the downtrend. It was crucial that we got above the downtrend line today to keep the correction recovery on the way. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2018

Tracking our options trades again so you can follow them…

We tracked our trades in the past but soon we had so many trades that tracking them became a tedious and time consuming effort. So we stopped. A few days ago we adjusted our trading strategy a bit to still trade often but in a organized way so we could track those trades better. So Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 29, 2018

Adding a longer term SPX Iron Condor Jan11

Posted by Martin November 04, 2018

October 2018 trading and investing results

S&P 500  2,723.06 -17.31(-0.63%)  Dow 30  25,270.83 -109.91(-0.43%)  Nasdaq  7,356.99 -77.06(-1.04%)   October was a terrific as well as horrible month! Tons of volatility, negativity, pessimism and losses. At some point, it became depressive. The markets kept falling and falling with no retreat, no relief rallies. Any attempt to have a rally was immediately sold Continue reading →