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Posted by Martin June 01, 2019

May 2019 financial freedom report

May 2019 is over. For many this month was very difficult and a lot of people lost money, that was at least, what I have read in Facebook Groups. Of course, there were savvy traders and investors who made money in this volatile market. I made money too. In this month I met the goal Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 22, 2019

My 5-year Plan to Freedom Update

At first I didn’t want to post the entire plan to my freedom because I was afraid. The numbers in the plan look so ridiculous that I was afraid that after posting the whole plan it would be ridiculed. So I decided to post it only a year by year. I would post a year Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 05, 2019

April 2019 financial freedom report

April 2019 is in the books. In this month I met the goal as planned. There were a few changes I made which modified the entire plan:   1) I decided to combine my trading accounts into one. I closed my TD Ameritrade account (TD) and transferred funds to my Tasty Works account (TW). 2) Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 17, 2019

Fed up with my own lack of discipline, putting down a plan to reach FI

I started trading and learning trading options in 2010… I think it was 2010. I made money, lost money, made money, lost them again.   In 2012 I thought I knew everything. I didn’t.   In 2014 I started my own trading business. I though I knew everything. I didn’t.   Then I made money Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 15, 2019

Lending Club’s spike in defaults is a dead investment

When I started with Lending Club many years ago (pretty much when LC started) I was excited. I saw it as a great addition to my investment portfolio. I had a control over the notes I was invested in and I liked it. Then came some changes and investing in Lending Club’s notes changed to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

You will never please everyone… not at Wall Street

I borrowed this from Chris’s twitter: You often hear “when the Fed is raising rates, it is bad for stocks”, [it is bearish]. Now with the possibility of future rate cuts, we hear “you do not want to be long stocks when the Fed starts cutting rates,” [it is bearish].   You often hear "when Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Topping pattern?

The market was doing well in the morning but at about 10 am MT it went into a spiraling selloff. After the fact, the media told us why. Great to know, now I can sleep better. But later on the market started recovering the loss. The market lost -1.34% intraday. It recovered a bit and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 27, 2019

Global growth worries are back, OMG, everybody panic!

Market now down 30 points (-0.95%). Same old song. Media tell us that it was because of global growth worries. But that has been known issue for about a year now. What we are seeing in my opinion is a simple consolidation process. We rallied hard from December 2018 lows. Impressive rally! But there was Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 25, 2019

Options trading and investing strategy for 2019

I know, it is end of March almost and you may say that it is late to set a strategy and goal now. But I reviewed my 2018 strategy and realized that my trading changed. No too much though. Many principles still apply. But there is one significant change some of my readers and followers Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 25, 2019

Market performed well given the economic fears but what’s next?

I think, today’s market performance was somewhat promising. Of course, it may be all over tomorrow but given the Friday’s sudden economic growth worries causing the market dropping 1.8% would be propagating into today’s trading. Or are investors no longer worried? Or are the worries actually a BS? Of course, we do not know answers Continue reading →