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Posted by Martin October 16, 2021

2021 Week 41 investing and trading report

The second week of October 2021 ended great as we will show you in this investing and trading report. Our income from selling options last week reached $3,829.00 in the week alone and delivering $5,225.00 in October. That makes it a third-best month this year trading options. But October is not over yet. We may Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 14, 2021

Time to buy the dip again?

Is the market telling us to buy the dip again? If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, last week I posted my expectation about the market sliding further down due to technical damage to the chart. My expectation was to reach a 200-day moving average at a 4,150 level (or around it). My exact Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 09, 2021

2021 Week 40 investing and trading report

October 2021 has started last week and it started on a good note. Our account has recovered fully and went on a growth mode again. Our net-liquidating value, as you will see in this investing and trading report jumped up significantly, our buying power also went up allowing us to open a few new trades, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 09, 2021

Dividend Growth Stocks to Accumulate in October 2021

October 2021 is starting and here is a list of stocks we would like to focus on accumulating. We have the entire watch list of stocks we like but in that watch list, not all stocks are a buy. They are just candidates. We then narrow that list down to stocks we want to trade Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 03, 2021

September 2021 $100 Challenge account review

September 2021 is over and we continue building our challenge account. We are currently tracking our goal, our metrics are slightly below the goal but we are moving higher. As I mentioned before, building a small account is a slow process but as time goes by, it will speed up and you will be pleased Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 02, 2021

2021 Week 39 investing and trading report

September is over! What a month! We were used to sharp declines and even sharper recoveries but in September, this was a slow and dreadful decline. That’s why it possibly felt so painful. The market was literally declining the entire month. We only had a few green days that were sold off the very next Continue reading →