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Archive for November 26th, 2021

Posted by Martin November 26, 2021

Adding HFEA strategy to our account

If you are reading our weekly investing and trading reports, you know that we started trading SSO and SPXL leveraged ETFs to our portfolio. The reason for that was that we wanted to outperform the SPY better than just trading single stocks or indexes. We wanted more aggressive growth in our portfolio. The leveraged ETFs Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2021

Covid new variant and market panic

Earlier this week, scientists discovered a new Covid variant that spooked the markets and S&P 500 sold off by 2.7% (down -126.61) and DJI was down -905.04.   Everyone panics that this would cause a new travel ban, new restrictions, and new lockdowns. Yet the scientists admit that they do not know about the new Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2021

Troubles with hosting

Recently I have experienced issues with our hosting and plan on transferring the blog to a new host. The website is now semi-working. If you need help or have questions, please, contact us.