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Archive for August 20th, 2022

Posted by Martin August 20, 2022

2022 Week 32-33 investing and trading report

The market reached its significant resistance at a 200-day moving average, which impacted our trading last week. We made a few adjustments but mostly stayed away from trading.   I still struggle with buying power. I have plenty of cash but little available to invest:     Last week, I traded a little. I made Continue reading →

Posted by Martin August 20, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 33

I wasn’t trading SPX much last week. After only a few adjustments, but after that, I was just waiting for the expiration. The trades expired on Thursday (based on Friday’s opening price). I am heading into the next week with existing trades only and do not plan on opening new trades. I might if the Continue reading →