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Archive for October, 2022

Posted by Martin October 30, 2022

2022 Week 43 investing and trading report

Last week was a successful trading and investing week. We traded many new options trades and opened new stock positions, trying to take advantage of the selloff in those stocks. I think, long term, these will pay off well.   Our NetLiq-cash-buying power ratio is improving, allowing us to accumulate more shares:     Our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 30, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 43

Last week I traded a few SPX trades only. Most of them finished as winners, but the last one had to be rolled as the market jumped up too much. I didn’t expect that. Now I will not be opening any new trades until this one is gone, plus I will be repairing the old Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 30, 2022

HFEA October 2022 strategy report

When the market started rallying, our HFEA strategy started outperforming greatly. After months of struggle, I was pleased to see how this strategy worked to the upside. I hope, we are done with the bear market and start seeing a new bull soon. Initially, I dedicated $15,000 to this strategy. That represented approx. 15% of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 30, 2022

October 2022 $100 Challenge account review

The markets were improving in October, and so was our challenge account. It was growing again. We keep investing and building a base to monetize our positions. Our goal is to buy good quality stocks and use them to generate more cash that can be reinvested or used for spending. Ultimately, we plan on reaching Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 30, 2022


  I expected more of the bear trap today because of bad earnings from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, but not such a ridiculously strong rally. We finished over 3.46% up today. The VIX futures were in contango, pointing to higher markets, so it was obvious that any pullback was temporary. But we had no pullback Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 28, 2022


  The chart below shows the trend after-hours; as you can see, the market sold off heavily. During the regular hours, we finished down -0.61%, and after hours -1.60%. Thanks to Amazon’s rapid selloff (the stock lost 20% AH). But the VIX is positive and in contango. That gives some hope that we will see Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2022


  The market erased all gains from today’s session as it faced serious headwinds from the tech earnings misses. Google and Microsoft missed, and everyone sold heavily (I was buying). META reported after-hours and has missed and lost 12% AH so far. In this case, I am not a buyer. Despite these issues, the market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 26, 2022


  The market rallied again the entire day today, but this time, we are seeing the VIX futures terms turning bullish too. It has moved from backwardation into contango. This indicates that the traders are either fully hedged or turning bullish. Nevertheless, the path to higher prices is open. We may also experience a short Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 25, 2022


  The market rallied right at the start but then it sold off within an hour. I expected the selling to continue because the VIX was still negative, pointing to traders buying hedges. Right at 10:30 am ET the market turned up again and rallied the rest of the day. Despite VIX still being negative, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 23, 2022

2022 Week 42 investing and trading report

I traded very little last week. Instead, I was accumulating shares of stocks I want to own, such as Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN, right now, when we are seeing CFAs and other people predicting Amazon to go bankrupt, again, it is time to accumulate this stock), Main (MAIN), and others.   Our NetLiq-cash-buying power ratio Continue reading →