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Posted by Martin December 21, 2022

Technical view: Meta Platforms Inc. (META)

  Meta (FB) is in stage #4. Are we seeing the end of Meta’s year-long decline? It is still in stage #4 but definitely improving. If this trend continues and it starts morphing back into stage #1 or even resumes stage #2, that would be a feast and a great opportunity to buy. You don’t Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 20, 2022


  This market is completely news-driven, better say sentiment-driven, because as of now, there are no news but negative sentiment and fear about a recession which may not even come at all. After some initial positive upward movement in the morning, the market quickly turned negative and ended down 0.9%. And the future do not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 18, 2022

2022 Week 50 investing and trading report

Our trading and investing last week went smoothly again. We opened a few credit spreads, and all expired out of the money. But as the market crumbled last week, I closed a few high-flying stock positions like Amazon or Netflix. I did it to protect my net liq and am ready to buy back when Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 18, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 50

I didn’t have time to record my SPX trades last week, and when I reviewed them later, I thought last week’s trading would be a disaster. I rolled many trades for debit, and I couldn’t see any way that the last week’s trading would end up positive. I also opened two box trades to offset Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 17, 2022


  The market continued its sell-off (and unfortunately, it will continue). The investors are now looking at the FED’s damage to the economy. If retail sales were a miss, you would think that it was good news. The FED may finally pivot. But it is no longer the narrative. It is now evidence that the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 16, 2022


  So we had a large failure and kneejerk reaction to yesterday’s Powell’s speech, supposedly to retail reports miss and who knows what else. At some point, the market was down 3%. What happened to JP Morgan’s prediction of a large rally if the CPI comes back lower? Now the market sits at the support, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 15, 2022


  Today, the FED announced increasing rates by 0.50% and the markets went initially up but then sold off hard on Powell’s remarks about potentially higher hikes next year. Investors were worried that this speed and tightness may destroy the labor market and sink the economy into recession. Though the VIX futures term is still Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 14, 2022


  The market reacted with a huge jump at the opening after the CPI report indicated easing inflation. It jumped up 2.23%. But then it started a selloff, and the market declined the rest of the day. It erased all gains finishing up 0.73% only. Quite disappointing price action. But obvious one. We have had Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 14, 2022

Technical view: AES Corp. (AES)

  AES is in stage #2. The stock continues trading near its all-time highs and starts forming a top. If the economy hits a recession, then bonds may perform better, and investors will most likely buy bonds rather than utilities. Thus, I am expecting (if that happens) that AES may drop. At the current price, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 13, 2022


  Everything indicated the market going lower today – a continuation of Friday’s losses, but it didn’t happen. The market recovered all losses and some. In fact, according to all technical signals, the entire week should ve down except on Thursday and Friday, when we should see a recovery. It is not happening, but it Continue reading →