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Posted by Martin December 02, 2022


  The market broke above 200-day MA, hurray! But now that level needs to hold. We may see a consolidation at the current levels, investors taking profits, or whatever else may happen here. We may also see a complete failure as more bears will be stepping in. I will also start adding cheap butterflies to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 01, 2022


  Well, that was it today. Powell said what we expected anyway, that the FED is slowing down their interest rate hikes, and the market melted up this time. It amazes me how irrational the market is. Just a few days, even today morning, everybody was selling everything in fear of recession; Morgan Stanley’s analysts Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2022


  The markets continued melting down mainly on China news about the Covid lockdowns and unrests that may impact companies like Apple negatively. But I think there is still a year-end rally ready, and I expect a 5% rally in December. Eventually, China will have to reopen and stimulate the fading economy. Many investors make Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2022

Technical view: Tesla (TSLA)

  TSLA is in stage #4 of the trend. It broke lower again although it bounced, and it is now attempting to go higher. However, even with this bounce, there is no trend changer at all. The stock is clearly in a full bearish trend. The weekly chart shows it in a better and straight Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 29, 2022


  The markets started the week with a sharp decline (-1.52%) but the VIX is still in solid contango which indicates that this selling may be short-lived. There is a lot of negative news which may push this market lower but within the expectations, possibly to the 3,915-3,900 level. However, the path to end year Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2022

2022 Week 47 investing and trading report

The year is coming to an end. I expected it to be a bad year for our investing and trading. But looking back, our portfolio didn’t do badly. Yes, we are down overall, as many positions are underwater, but we increased our positions. We generated enough options income, which we reinvested into stocks, and increased Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 47

We have many open SPX trades that, earlier this year, went in a bad direction. These trades are now in the money. I adopted box trades to help fix these trades. A box trade is a strategy that can be used in many ways. It can be used as a bond (when you buy a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2022


  Yesterday, the markets were closed. Today, we had a shortened session. The markets closed at 1 pm ET. Many traders and investors were on holiday and not participating. Volume was weak, and price action was muted. We still have no resolution on the direction. The SPX is sitting right below its 200-day MA and Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 24, 2022


  The markets continued higher when the FOMC meeting minutes indicated that the FED may slow down their interest hike pace. VIX futures are in strong contango so I expect the markets to go higher. But again, the volume is low so this can be deceptive. However, we will see an elevated market by the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 23, 2022


  The consolidation continues, and I expect the market to continue higher this week. But be careful. Due to the Holidays, many traders and investors are off, so the volume is extremely low. If we see gains this week, the most important thing will be what will happens after the holidays. Will we keep and Continue reading →