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Posted by Martin November 23, 2022

Technical view: ARK Innovation (ARKK)

  ARKK is in stage #4. A week ago, the stock saw a great rebound when ARKK jumped from $32 lows to $40. But that bump didn’t last long. Last week, the stock reversed again and dropped erasing half of the previous week’s gains. The weekly chart provides some hope that the stock may still Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 22, 2022


  The market keeps sliding in a pattern that can be considered a consolidation of the previous gains. If we wanted to crash, we would already do so. Looking at VIX in a strong contango, this price action is somewhat positive and may result in a higher spike. Of course, it may also crash, but Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 19, 2022

2022 Week 46 investing and trading report

I feel like the markets are easing their bearish stance. They are still extremely volatile and choppy intraday, but we are poised for a rally that may last until the end of this miserable year. Our investing and trading last week reflected this stance. We opened a few small credit spreads against our holdings to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 19, 2022

2022 SPX put credit spreads trading review – week 46

Last week was hectic trading. The markets were flat overall, but intraday, they were choppy and unpredictable. Trading SPX was difficult. We didn’t open any new trades; rather, we managed the old ones to let them expire worthless. That cost some money as many of these trades are debit trades. But in the past, we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 19, 2022


  We have seen weakness in the markets again. Choppy trading with a slight drift lower. Again, this speaks to the possibility of the market spiking higher again. If it wanted to crash, it would have already done that, considering all the FED talks about more tightening needed, higher rates at 5% to 5.75% not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 18, 2022


  Today the market participants jumped ship overnight, and the markets opened 1.3% lower. But that was it. From there, big money started piling up, and the markets went higher. We are seeing a classic consolidation pattern after an almost 6% rally last week, which is a very bullish sign. For it to invalidate as Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 17, 2022


  Today we saw some weakness from the very start, possibly thanks to bad retail reports (the most prominent was a bad miss by Target (TGT). But given how bad it was, the market held very well the entire day. Yes, it opened lower, but then it was flat the entire day. Looking at the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 16, 2022


  The market, again, started on a very strong note in the morning, rallying over 1% (at some point, even 1.5%), but then, but the end of the day, it again lost steam and paired almost all gain. As you can see, we are at the 200-day MA, and bears are trying to short the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 16, 2022

Technical view: Apple (APPL)

  AAPL morphed into stage #1. After it reported stellar earnings, it continued its #2 rally, but Jay Powell killed it with his inflation speech. The stock crashed in three days. But the more this stock goes lower as people panic, the more I want to buy it. People keep saying that this was the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 15, 2022


  The market started in red but then rallied hard; by midday, it was in green. I hoped for a slightly down day today, and it seemed it wouldn’t be happening. The market looked like it would end on another green day. But 30 minutes before the end of the session, it suddenly snapped and Continue reading →