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Archive for January, 2023

Posted by Martin January 19, 2023


  The weakness in the market prevailed today. After not-so-good economic data and hawkish talks from the FED heads (there are still a bunch of the FED directors that want to raise rates more than the FED itself as a whole, I guess they are bearish) along with enormous put-buying that the market makers need Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 18, 2023


  The market was dull and weak today. It almost seems like it is rolling over and getting ready to fall.     The Ichimoku chart is still positive but also starting to display weakness.     The trend should be positive tomorrow. If so, it would be positive for the entire market and its Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 18, 2023

Technical view: Ford Motor Company (F)

  F is in stage #4. The stock reached the previous lows at around $10.94 and picked up from there. Although it managed to rally to 200-day MA, it is still in a downtrend. With the current negative trend in the auto industry and low customer demand, the stock will probably go lower again. The Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 17, 2023


  Today, the market was closed for the Martin Luther King holiday, but futures continued trading abroad. And it was muted with a slight downward trend. Will we see a renewed rally tomorrow, or is the rally over, and the markets roll back down, failing to hold the new breakout? The price is still above Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 13, 2023


  As expected, the market continued higher, although at a slower pace than expected, given the good news about inflation. The CPI came out and indicated slowing inflation. It rocked the market a bit, but then it went higher. The buy rumors and sell the news didn’t happen, although it may happen tomorrow. The market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 12, 2023


  The market participants are now full of optimism and bidding the prices up in expectation of mild inflation data coming out tomorrow morning.     On the chart above, we reached two major resistance levels – the 200-day MA and a long-term resistance at the 3966 level (that is almost 3 years old, so Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 11, 2023


  The market seems to be improving. Powell had his remarks in Sweden and briefly spoke about the apolitical role of the FED avoiding any hints about the monetary policy. Investors seem to take it as the FED is trying to stay neutral advertising possible pauses in hikes. It seems, he didn’t want to say Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 11, 2023

Technical view: BABA (BABA)

  BABA is now in stage #2. China reopening its economy after a draconical Covid shutdown is helping Chinese stocks. The CCP also reversed or at least is trying to, their policy on the economy and private businesses. They agreed to allow for account audits by the US PCAOB which literally averted the risk of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 10, 2023


  This is still a suckers’ market. Big rally in the morning that was sold in the afternoon. All in CPI and FED’s expectations. Everyone knows what is going to happen, yet everyone freaks out. But from the technical perspective, the market hit resistance and sold off from there. On the chart below, we can Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 08, 2023

2023 Week 01 investing and trading report

The first week of 2023 is over, and the markets started looking promising again. The same could be said about my trading and investing, except that Tasty Works broker sucks at calculating and displaying a correct buying power, so I have no idea whether I had money or not to trade. They have a problem Continue reading →