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Archive for April 27th, 2023

Posted by Martin April 27, 2023

Bears are getting their asses kicked, and it will get worse for them

Amazon (AMZN) reported earnings, and the stock soared more than 7% AH. That will obliterate the bears more as the stock will spur upward pressure in tomorrow’s open market. The GDP report and economy indicate that there will be no recession. Some market analysts, like Ed Yardeni, even think that we actually already had a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 27, 2023

Crocs (CROX) reported earnings, beat, but dropped more than 17%

CROX beat the estimates but provided weak outlook for the next quarter. Morons rushed to sell everything, including their house, wives, kids, dogs, and CROX. The stock dropped over 17% (as of now), and it was down more than 21% this morning. It amazes me how stupid the market is (or market participants). A CEO Continue reading →