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Archive for June, 2023

Posted by Martin June 14, 2023

Technical view: The AES Corporation (AES)

  AES is in stage #4. The stock reversed sharply, and it is now trading at levels last seen in August 2022. And one would wonder what has happened. In the previous months the stock was rallying hard and reached its previous all-time high just to reverse and drop like a rock. One reason could Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 12, 2023

Bad breath bad but improving

Last week the markets rallied as I expected but many investors were pointing out that this rally is fake, bear market bounce, and that only a few big tech companies participate in this rally and thus the market is in fact doomed. And they may be somewhat correct but only in one fact – the Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 10, 2023

April-May 2023 $100 Challenge account review, entering in 3rd year of the program

Our “Challenge account” program finished the second year and we are entering the third year of growing the account from $100 to $75,000. These first two years were extremely challenging. We started the program at the end of 2021 when all was good and great. But then, in 2022 the bear market hit and our Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 07, 2023

Technical view: SNOWFLAKE Inc. (SNOW)

  Snowflake is in stage #1. The company reported earnings. The report was a 92% surprise (revenue was 2% surprise) but they provided guidance which Wall Street didn’t like. The stock dropped hard a week ago and all the Wall Street analysts started their piss contest on downgrading the stock. But last week, the stock Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 05, 2023

Earnings drive the markets

Just a few minutes ago before I started putting together this newsletter, we received news that our inept politicians finally struct a deal and they would vote about rising the debt ceiling on Wednesday next week. In my last newsletter rant about the debt ceiling, I expressed my conviction that in the end, the politicians Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 04, 2023

May 2023 SPX put credit spreads trading review

It looks like I forgot to report April SPX trading, so in this May report, I will report both months. Both months were losing months. In April we lost -$1,303.00 (-2.54%) and in May we lost -$5,275.00 (-10.53%) while SPX gained 1.46% and 2.71% respectively. The loses were mostly due to letting bad trades go Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 04, 2023

May 2023 Investing and Trading Report

Another month is over and it was a successful month to our investing and trading. We finished options trading on a positive note (added $6,942 of premiums income) but we also added new shares to our portfolio and started consolidating it (finally, we started creating cash reserves which were depleted during 2022 bear market). Our Continue reading →