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Archive for October, 2023

Posted by Martin October 26, 2023


The market lost 9.94% since the end of July this year. It was a brutal decline. Selling had only a few bounces but new sellers came in and pushed the markets lower pushing it into a correction territory. It is perfectly normal and to be expected correction. Too soon after a recovery from the not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 22, 2023

Market action and economic data not aligned.

The market was declining last week but none of the selling was aligned with economic data. Economy is clearly strong. Labor market is strong. And the consumer’s sentiment is improving. Unfortunately, in today’s market, this is negative. Good news is bad news. Investors simply ignore that the inflation as transitory after all and it will Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 19, 2023

Rate hikes yes, rate hikes no, stocks up, stocks down… circus continues.

Powel is speaking and as he does, he provides “hints to the FED’s rate hikes pause” then says the economy is still too strong and so he may raise the rates up and seesaw continues. And the stock market is on the FED’s swing.     As long as the market stays flat overall (we Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 19, 2023

More weakness today

The market is experiencing more weakness on Thursday, October 19th, 2023. Futures were down significantly overnight but surprisingly recovered all losses prior to opening. Unfortunately, after opening the markets slipped lower ahead of J. P. speech today at noon ET. We can only speculate about how Wall Street will react to his speech. The market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 17, 2023

Consumers are spending like crazy but complaining about inflation.

If you go to social media like Twitter or Reddit, you will find many people posting about high inflation and how we are being lied to by the government. The narrative is that inflation is a lot higher than we are being told. Not 2%, 3% or 4% but 75% (let’s ignore for now that Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 17, 2023

Choppy market but we may end up higher today

Morning started lower and I expect choppy market today. Media (this time Reuters) are again telling us: “Wall Street’s main indexes opened lower on Tuesday as hotter-than-expected retail sales data stoked worries U.S. interest rates could stay higher for longer, with the Middle East conflict further denting sentiment.” Once again, worries, fear, shivering is driving Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 16, 2023

Are we bullish yet?

Good question, right? Investors turned bullish again as we started earnings season and banks turned out strong. Jamie Dimon, who recently warned us about gloomy future as the most dangerous time the world has seen in decades suddenly turned around with bullish claim that the earnings recession may be over (whatever that means). We only Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 14, 2023

Why are REITs falling?

You may have asked this question because at the beginning of the year or in 2021 you bought a few REITs you were told that they were great, mainly those high-quality ones like Realty Income (O), VICI, ARCC, MPW, and many others. And today, these shares are biting the dust. Reddit is full of people Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 14, 2023

Trading SPX Crumbs

I tried many strategies trading SPX and none worked to my satisfaction. Then I decided to trade “SPX crumbs”. And you may ask, what is SPX crumbs? It is a trade with a very small premium trading standard verticals like spreads, Iron Condors or broken wing butterflies. In the past trades I tried to maximize Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 13, 2023

Markets want inflation going down. They say it is not going down. But it is!

Allegedly, the markets want inflation to go down and we are now bearish because it is not doing what we want. That’s what investors say by turning bearish again after inflation data we received on Wednesday and Thursday.     But no matter how you slice it, inflation is going down. These fluctuations month to Continue reading →