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Archive for June, 2024

Posted by Martin June 26, 2024

Is Snowflake (SNOW) a disaster or a sleeping giant?

When Snowflake (SNOW) went public in September 2020 I believed this would be a serious competitor to other established cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft. Their cloud services were supposed to be unique allowing users variability no one offered. I hoped the investment would be similar to investing early in companies like Amazon in 1997. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 25, 2024

I hopped on the NVDA bandwagon, too

Today (July 1st, 2024), the sky was falling and I got stopped out from my NVDA position in the morning. I set my stop loss at $120 a share. But later, buyers stepped in and started buying. So, the doom and gloom hasn’t happened (it still may happen but at this point it is less Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 24, 2024

Market Musings: Roller Coaster or Merry-Go-Round?

Welcome to the latest episode of Market Musings, where today’s stock market feels like it’s torn between a roller coaster and a merry-go-round. Investors are clutching their seats, trying to figure out if we’re in for thrilling ups and downs or just going in circles. Today’s market action was dominated by the Fed’s latest pronouncements, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 24, 2024

How to Build a Dividend Portfolio Generating $1,000 a Month with Minimal Investment

Building a dividend portfolio that generates a consistent $1,000 a month is a compelling goal for many investors. While achieving this with minimal investment requires strategic planning, it is indeed possible by leveraging high-yield investments, reinvesting dividends, and maintaining a disciplined approach. Here’s a detailed guide on how to achieve this financial milestone.   Understanding Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 23, 2024

Bristol Myers Squibb Co (BMY) is facing significant challenges, should you invest?

Bristol Myers Squibb Co (BMY) has long been a stalwart in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned for its innovative therapies and robust product pipeline. However, the company is facing a significant challenge with a projected 92% drop in operating earnings for 2024, primarily due to expiring patents on key drugs. This blog post aims to provide Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 22, 2024

The Complex Journey of Yahoo’s Investment in Alibaba and the Current State of BABA Stock

Yahoo’s investment in Alibaba (BABA) in 2005 marked a significant milestone in the tech world, demonstrating the potential of international partnerships and investments in emerging markets. However, the journey has been fraught with challenges, regulatory hurdles, and corporate governance issues. This blog post delves into the intricacies of Yahoo’s investment, the controversial spin-off of Alipay Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 21, 2024

Understanding Why Investors Sell Shares at a Loss

Investing in the stock market can be a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for new investors. One of the more perplexing actions is when investors decide to sell their shares at a loss before those losses become “actualized.” On the surface, this may seem counterintuitive, but there are several strategic reasons behind this decision. Let’s dive Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 20, 2024

Market Musings: The Fed’s Tug-of-War and AI’s Sweet Spot

Welcome back to the stock market circus, where today’s main event is a tug-of-war featuring the Federal Reserve and every investor’s favorite frenemy, Uncertainty. The market’s mood swings are giving seasoned traders whiplash faster than you can say “economic forecast.”   On one end, we’ve got the Fed, pulling hard with their hawkish grip, hinting Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 20, 2024

Market suddenly ignoring “higher for longer”

Traders are defying the age-old Wall Street mantra, “never fight the Fed,” which might ignite a rally in overlooked stock market sectors. Despite clear Federal Reserve signals and central banker comments indicating that interest rates will remain elevated longer than anticipated, with the median forecast predicting only one rate cut this year, traders are betting Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 19, 2024

Market Musings: Is That a Smile or a Grimace?

Ah, the stock market – a place where dreams are made and dashed faster than you can say “rate hike.” Currently, the sentiment seems to be like that of a cat contemplating a leap from a high perch: cautious, calculating, and not entirely sure if it’s worth the risk.   Investors are sporting a cautious Continue reading →