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Archive for June 19th, 2024

Posted by Martin June 19, 2024

Market Musings: Is That a Smile or a Grimace?

Ah, the stock market – a place where dreams are made and dashed faster than you can say “rate hike.” Currently, the sentiment seems to be like that of a cat contemplating a leap from a high perch: cautious, calculating, and not entirely sure if it’s worth the risk.   Investors are sporting a cautious Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 19, 2024

Are index funds bad for the stock market?

Index funds have become a popular investment choice due to their broad market exposure, maximum diversification, and minimal costs. The consensus is that everyone should invest in index funds. This prevailing thought is supported by the fact that low-cost index funds typically outperform most active funds, where managers try to select the best stocks, over Continue reading →