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Archive for June 20th, 2024

Posted by Martin June 20, 2024

Market Musings: The Fed’s Tug-of-War and AI’s Sweet Spot

Welcome back to the stock market circus, where today’s main event is a tug-of-war featuring the Federal Reserve and every investor’s favorite frenemy, Uncertainty. The market’s mood swings are giving seasoned traders whiplash faster than you can say “economic forecast.”   On one end, we’ve got the Fed, pulling hard with their hawkish grip, hinting Continue reading →

Posted by Martin June 20, 2024

Market suddenly ignoring “higher for longer”

Traders are defying the age-old Wall Street mantra, “never fight the Fed,” which might ignite a rally in overlooked stock market sectors. Despite clear Federal Reserve signals and central banker comments indicating that interest rates will remain elevated longer than anticipated, with the median forecast predicting only one rate cut this year, traders are betting Continue reading →