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Archive for July, 2024

Posted by Martin July 08, 2024

Started weekly options against MicroFutures /MES for weekly income

Let’s see how this trading goes from now on. I am trading all sorts of strategies and sending them all to our subscribers and you can pick up the one that works best for you. I trade regular futures, options against futures and now I am adding options against Micro-Futures for weekly income. The benefit Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 04, 2024

Why you should avoid trading debit options strategies

Recently, I came across a 1-1-2 options strategy (which is pretty much a ratio strategy). It is a debit strategy, and the explanation of the strategy is below. In this little post I will explain why I do not trade debit options strategies and why you should avoid them too. Many investors, usually the new Continue reading →

Posted by Martin July 01, 2024

Tech Stocks Set to Skyrocket Amid Global Labor Shortage, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

In a forecast that could reshape investment strategies worldwide, Fundstrat’s Tom Lee has predicted a seismic shift in the stock market driven by an impending global labor shortage. According to Lee, technology stocks are on the brink of a parabolic rise, potentially transforming the tech sector into a dominant force within the S&P 500.   Continue reading →