Hello Investors,
Rallies can be quite violent, and this one is unstoppable. I hoped for a pullback today but it is not happening. Our call spread with today's expiration date is now in the money, and there is no point in preparing it. So we will close it.

We will also open another "box trade" to offset the cost of closing the spread.

Here is the closing trade:

Buy to close 1 SPX Jul29 4080 call
Sell to close 1 SPX Jul29 4090 call
Debit: 8.50

We will open a new box trade to offset the cost:

Sell to open 1 SPX Sep09 4180 put
Buy to open 1 SPX Sep09 4170 put
Sell to open 1 SPX Sep09 4170 call
Buy to open 1 SPX Sep09 4180 call
Credit 9.90

2022 0727 SPX calls roll up4

I am also testing using Twitter to send trade alerts. If you are interested, you can follow this handle to get trade alerts notifications on Twitter: @TradingZz

If your handle is different from your subscription, you must let me know that you applied for the Twitter Alerts otherwise I will not be able to recognize you and won't admit you to the Twitter group.
Have a great week!

You can see all our trades in this spreadsheet.
We are also placing a GTC (good till canceled) buyback order for 75% of the credit.

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