Hello Investors,
The signal for the market is bearish (we expect to market to pull back to 4,020 this week unless it changes to a consolidation pattern). We will open a bear call spread with a shorter expiration than the typical 30 days.

Sell SPX 10 wide bull put spread
30 DTE (We are shortening the DTE to 7 days)
45 delta (we are changing the Delta to 20)

And here is the trade:
Sold 1 SPX 08/09/22 Call 4195.00 @ 12.67
Bought 1 SPX 08/09/22 Call 4205.00 @ 10.52
Credit: 2.00

The trade was executed for 2.15 credit.

Max risk: $785
Max Reward: $215
2021 0930 AES roll
We will let the trade expire if possible.

I am also testing using Twitter to send trade alerts. If you are interested, you can follow this handle to get trade alerts notifications on Twitter: @TradingZz

If your handle is different from your subscription, you must let me know that you applied for the Twitter Alerts otherwise I will not be able to recognize you and won't admit you to the Twitter group.
Have a great week!

You can see all our trades in this spreadsheet.
You can see all our archived emails here.
We are also placing a GTC (good till canceled) buyback order for 75% of the credit.

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