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All notes in Lending Club current

As I feared on Friday last week that one of my notes may default, the borrower paid today. So all my notes are current. It however doesn’t mean anything, since the borrower may default next time, but at least the risk is lower now.
Today I also purchased a new loan note completely funded by repaid principals and interest. That means that every month I deposit 100 dollars to my Lending Club account, purchase 4 notes and add one new note from reinvested proceedings. So now I am buying 5 notes monthly instead of four notes as at the beginning.

I am very satisfied with this snowball so far. However I still am aware of the investing risk I am undertaking and try not to be too greedy (as I was at the beginning by purchasing large loans with high interest) and keep investments on the very minimum amount. I would rather buy thousands of loans than a few.

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